Why we're here

We are taking a stand against horse slaughter returning to the US and are striving to stop the transportation of horses to other countries for slaughter. Some of us are working in those other countries as well.

We are taking this stance as Pagans and Heathens, at a time when it seems some have decided that eating slaughtered horse meat in ritual is somehow cool, edgy and "ancestral." Therefore we want to show that that minority does not represent all of the Pagan and Heathen communities. Many of us worship Horse Deities, many of us are horse people who may see our horses as sacred charges who we care for to honor these Deities. Not by killing but by striving to give them good lives.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Horse Summit back fires!

Due to our internet connection still not being the greatest, I've not seen all the news coverage, but reports from horse advocates such as the link below (which links to some of the coverage) report that not even 200 people showed up to Slaughterhouse Sue's event and speakers did not "stay on script for them." Abbey of the BLM denounced the idea of building slaughterhouses (although this can hardly excuse the BLM's on going actions). With the press coverage and the outrage, this may actually have been just what the PRO-horse movement needed! Check out Fitch's report here, and go on to other pages of his blog for more:

Press and Guests Turn On Slaughterfest Organizers