Why we're here

We are taking a stand against horse slaughter returning to the US and are striving to stop the transportation of horses to other countries for slaughter. Some of us are working in those other countries as well.

We are taking this stance as Pagans and Heathens, at a time when it seems some have decided that eating slaughtered horse meat in ritual is somehow cool, edgy and "ancestral." Therefore we want to show that that minority does not represent all of the Pagan and Heathen communities. Many of us worship Horse Deities, many of us are horse people who may see our horses as sacred charges who we care for to honor these Deities. Not by killing but by striving to give them good lives.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Why I'm against horse slaughter

I recently was asked this on FaceBook, the person, a meat eater, wondering how I as a meat eater could be so vehement about the eating of horses when I ate other animals. That he had ignored what I had already written, that he had ignored my statement that anyone who supported horse slaughter should remove themselves from my friends list, that it wasn't something I discussed politely, of course sent me off. It ISN'T something I discuss politely. (mind you, a similar question from a vegetarian would have simply been "read what I wrote already" but this person supports horse slaughter, that...well...)

What I had written, after another "friend" had attacked me on his on FB and was removed from my flist and life (both these people were people I had met at least once) and was ignored was:

Seriously, any hint of supporting the slaughter of horses is a serious deal breaker with me. This is just something you're going to have to realize. So, fuck off if you're okay with it.

See the mare in my profile photo (here she is to the left, also on the side bar with a buddy when I went to pick her up)? Her name is Saorsa. She was destined for the feedlots. This is what happens to PMU foals and those from outfits that breed for quantity over quality, most go to slaughter, spending six months in crowded pens being stuffed with grain.

See the two horses in this photo
(that would be to the right)? That's Midnight and Trouble. They were sold to slaughter by their owner, when I was trying to get up the money to buy them. He didn't want to be troubled with waiting, it was a quick if smaller buck. And he'd sent many, because he used to run an quantity rather than quality breeding outfit. I didn't know it as a kid, now I do.

Midnight was the best damn trail horse in the world. Ever. He had the worst tro
t, but he'd go anywhere, wasn't afraid of a thing. The sort of horse that you could track a bear with if you happened to want to track a bear. He was run through a chute, scared out of his mind! After a lifetime of trusting and loving people.

We do NOT eat horses in the US, we send them out of sight out of mind.
And if you think this is okay, you can go fuck yourself.

Followed, in the comments:

Note, I also do not believe in factory farming of meat animals, period. NO animal should be in a small pen force fed grain until a traumatic run through chutes. This is why I am a localvore. Any animal that is raised for food should be raised humanely and sustainably.

When thinking about it, that truly answered his question completely. The horses slaughtered in this country are not slaughtered either humanely or for local consumption. They are not raised humanely as livestock, some are, truly, not treated humanely to begin with. Many show and racing horses have rather sad lives, before being shipped off when no longer in their prime (which is hardly old or broken down, we're talking usually under 10 years old....but much older in spirit).

Wild Horses are rounded up in horrific ways, with many horribly injured or killed, with those not caught separated from their herds which can lead to a slow lingering death. Some go to holding pens for years, before being sold for slaughter when "too old" to adopt. Often sickly, due to bad feeding practices as well as being in small, closed quarters. These round ups, coupled with other mismanagement, are wiping out the Mustang.

The AQHA and the APHA along with other breeding groups promote quantity over quality breeding because after all they can sell what won't sell as for riding horses as meat. And, hey, maybe they can make some extra cash in mare urine. These foals are sold through auction to feedlots, where they are kept in Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO) for roughly 6 months until big enough to slaughter. That's where my Saorsa and her friend on the side there was headed.

Many people innocently sell horses they sort of love, but not enough to keep when they "out grow" them or "things are tough" (sorry things are tough for all of us, some of us will fight tooth and nail to see our animal cared for) and just fool themselves into thinking their horses won't go to slaughter. But a lot do, maybe from the hands of the dealer posing as a "good home" or maybe somewhere else along the line.

Most horses stolen go to slaughter. It's the quickest buck and the easiest way to get rid of the evidence.

None of these horses were raised as livestock, none of them were slaughtered humanely. I don't believe that commercial abattoirs are remotely humane, any more than I believe that CAFO is humane.

Now, I'm going to be honest, and I know Lysippe agrees with me but we might be a minority of two in this movement, but I have no issue with traditional people of the Steppes, the traditional peoples of Mongolia, Kazakhstan and that area, raising their horses traditionally and eating the meat and drinking the milk. Mind you, I would probably not be able to eat the horse meat even there, but their relationship with the horse is so very different than ours. It is a relationship that should be preserved, in fact. These horses are not in danger from these people, although the governments they are now under might offer danger...I won't get into that. When the people are allowed to do so, these horses are raised in conditions suited totally to just being horses, and they are not then rounded up with helicopters. There is a respect, no matter what religion the people may practice, there is an honoring. And it is a strong example of true localvorism.

I know some in this movement are staunch vegans who may not want to associate with me due to my believe we can raise animals humanely and sustainably. I know a lot of other meat eaters in the movement too. Including some cattle ranchers who are horrified by their colleagues who want to see the extermination of the Mustang so they can have more land for cattle.

Because horses in our country are not raised for meat. We do not practice a sustainable localvorism with them and few of us are so inclined. Many meat eaters do have animals they won't eat and animals they will; some for religious reasons, some for taste, some for just how we feel about them. Dogs, cats, horses....typically are not considered food in our country. Sometimes we totally consider something off limits to eat, as I do dogs, cats and horses. Sometimes there are animals I won't eat but have no problem with others eating, as long as they don't eat mine...right now, this is how I feel about goats which I have as pets but not livestock (and I do raise chickens as livestock, doing my best to give them happy lives, the goats I just can't).

This is just a reality. And this, relatively calm, posting is NOT what someone supporting horse slaughter is ever going to get from me. Perhaps at some point I will write more about the loss of Midnight and Trouble. But, right now, this is the best I can do. But get in my face and I'll tell you to fuck off. And that will end it. It might not make me the most effective warrior for the horses, but in many ways, that loss has affected me too much for any civility.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Boosting the Signal: from R. T. Fitch

Straight from the Horse's Mouth is a must read for anyone concerned with this issue. A few items there you should read (although you should read everything) now:

Re-Elected Wyoming Horse Eater Plans Slaughter Gala

Here we go, again. Less than a week after retaining her seat in the Wyoming state house, Rep. “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis and her faithful sidekick Dave Duquette are brewing another big pot of steaming hot horse crap in an effort to mislead and dupe the American public over facts surrounding the predatory business of horse slaughter in the United States. ..read more....

Commercial Interests, Not Overpopulation, Behind Largest Wild Horse Roundup of 2010

Obama’s “Wild Horse Harvesting Machine” has Shifted into High Gear

Rock Springs, Wyoming (November 10, 2010) . . . . As one of the largest wild horse roundups in recent history enters its final week in southwest Wyoming, a coalition of environmental and wild horse conservationists is charging that commercial interests, not overpopulation, are the driving force behind the mass mustang removal. The Interior Department’s Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has previously claimed too many horses as the reason for the costly helicopter stampede and capture operation, which has killed at least seven mustangs to date. ....read more.....

So, sorry to just be a relinker here, but sometimes one just has to face others are already doing a better job out there and the best task is to just boast the signal

Friday, November 5, 2010

Small Steps

In getting back into action on this, after being offline for awhile, it's daunting even for me to figure out what to do. Sometimes it's got to be baby steps. Online petitions get dismissed by many, but at least it is getting some noise made. And it's something so easy to do. So do it! Go sign

Prevention of Equine Cruelty Act (H.R. 503/S. 727) at Change.org

Then you can personally contact your lame duck reps. Let's get this done before the process comes to a complete halt!