Why we're here

We are taking a stand against horse slaughter returning to the US and are striving to stop the transportation of horses to other countries for slaughter. Some of us are working in those other countries as well.

We are taking this stance as Pagans and Heathens, at a time when it seems some have decided that eating slaughtered horse meat in ritual is somehow cool, edgy and "ancestral." Therefore we want to show that that minority does not represent all of the Pagan and Heathen communities. Many of us worship Horse Deities, many of us are horse people who may see our horses as sacred charges who we care for to honor these Deities. Not by killing but by striving to give them good lives.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Do you REALLY want to eat our horses?

I"m the first to note that I don't want horse slaughter due to the cruelty. I live every day of my life with horses, I work with horses, I rescue horses. I have known the overwhelming feeling of having a horse who has been abused turning around and putting absolute trust on me. In reality, most horses do look to humans as sources of food, comfort, and caring; even ones which have been abused. Can you imagine what going through a slaughterhouse, being stunned by a bolt but waking up shortly after while being cut up, by the very beings you have had faith to take care of you all your life?

If you are not in contact with horses, can you imagine if this was your dog going through that? Because our horses, here in the US, are COMPANION animals. 

But there is another side. One that Slaughterhouse Sue Wallis and others want to deny. Because they are companion animals, horses are given medications which are banned for livestock intended for human consumption. And horses given these drugs, with these drugs in their systems, are being slaughtered and will continue to be as long as horse slaughter exists.Slaughterhouse Sue tried to refute this, without giving evidence. So, remember, not only does she want to kill our horses, but she happily will kill the people who eat them by lying.

You really want to eat our horses? Well, at least you might get exactly what you deserve. 

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  1. Ditto on this, I'm against horse slaughter for the horses, but the stupidity of the contamination issues boggles me. It's the same with the PMU issue, it's cruel to the mares, it's horrific that foals are born just with no concern as to their future because "slaughter will take care of them" but it's also a drug that is outrageously dangerous to the women who doctor's irresponsibly prescribe it to. AND there are alternatives that are both cruelty free and safer for the patients. What the fuck is wrong with people? I really do not get it. This whole deal is not good for either horses or humans so it should be a no brainer to just not do it!